About MyPedia

MyPedia is the country’s only fully-integrated learning programme that promises measurable improvement in cognitive skills of the learner. MyPedia integrates all learning and teaching tools in a well-designed manner.

How it Benefits Everyone​


It enables easy analysis of individual students.It facilitates grade-wise, subject-wise and concept-wise tracking of each student.It helps in early detection of gaps in learning areas


It goes beyond memorizing and facilitates true learning in a fun way. It suits individual learning styles and helps learners at all levels. It grants them the convenience of learning anytime and anywhere. It encourages Blue Sky Thinking


It helps them get more involved as they know what is happening in class.It equips them to track their child’s progress and give them the support required.It allows for seamless communication with the teacher and the school


It equips them with a suggestive, detailed learning plan to aid in efficient execution.It arms them with a complete activity kit so they can conduct activities smoothly.It gives them scientifically created FAs and SAs with term-wise projects and evaluation criteria