Farmers Market 2019-20

Saturday, November 2nd,2019 marked a special day in Santinos Calendar as the 2nd graders geared up to host the 3rd Annual Farmer’s Market. The school ground looked like a typical, busy Rythu Bazar with students dressed in dhoti kurta and sarees, sitting in their stalls and selling vegetables and fruits.

The little hands equipped with their weighing machines, sold the items skillfully at the same time educating the parents about the nutritive value & other advantages of the vegetation. During the course the students learnt to weigh the vegetables using weighing scales, to convince the buyer and all about money transaction. The idea behind this event is to make the students aware of hardships of a farmer in selling the fresh produce and to appreciate and value the food they eat.

Puppet shows, Cultural performances, Potters wheel, Mehendi, Photo booth, & Mini petting zoo exhibit were few other attractions of the day.

Farmers market this year also witnessed a lot of club related activities to fruition.

Students from Santinos Gardening club got to put up a stall selling fresh produce like ‘Organic green leaves’, ‘tomatoes’, etc.
Students from Santinos Art club got to put up a stall selling Home décor items like envelopes, paper weights, photo frames, pen stands, etc.
Students from Santinos Home Science club, under the guidance of their respective teachers got to put up a stall for refreshments.

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